[Mono-dev] AOT Mono.WebBrowser.dll under ARM Embedded Linux environment problem

Daniel M chookieeee at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 18 07:17:35 EST 2011

Hi All,
Wondering if it is possible to AOT just a section of the Mono framework (and ignore parts of the framework i will not use???).
I have mono 2.8 release cross compiled for ARM platform. Attempting to do AOT compilation. Binaries seem to compile fine until I hit the Mono.WebBrowser binary. I get the following two messages on my output repeatedly:

Invoking method 'System.Runtime.InteropServices.InterfaceTypeAttribute:.ctor (System.Runtime.InteropServices.ComInterfaceType)' when running in no-exec mode.

Invoking method 'System.Runtime.InteropServices.GuidAttribute:.ctor (string)' when running in no-exec mode.

I neither have mozilla, gecko, nor webkit on my embedded system, so im assuming the errors are relating to this?? I will never use this DLL, wont need it, so is there a way i can skip it?

When i run my simple windows forms test app:
mono --full-aot testapp.exe
I get the error:
Can't use AOT image '/usr/lib/mono/gac/Mono.WebBrowser/' in aot-only mode because it is not compiled with --aot=full.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated.
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