[Mono-dev] Problem when running winforms app on arm processor

Matt Johnson mj1856 at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 14 11:28:30 EST 2011



Almost 7 weeks and not a single response on this except to confirm that
another is also having the problem.


Is there no one that can shed light on what is going on here?  I cannot run
any winforms apps on an arm processor without hitting the assertion in


I am willing to help in any way I can, but I'm not an assembly language
programmer, nor am I familiar with reasons behind the patching that is going
on in the arm trampoline, so I really need some assistance.


Thank You.



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No, I have no resolution yet.  I have simplified my winforms test
application such that it is a single form with a single text "hello world"
label and no code logic whatsoever.  It crashes in the exact same manner.


One point I am unclear on is that I read in some old posts that the thumb
instruction set is not supported.  I am not compiling with thumb enabled,
but I am using a toolchain that targets armv4t instead of straight armv4.  I
actually found it very difficult to even find an "non-t" toolchain out there
- I'd have to compile one from scratch if this is the problem.  I don't see
how it could be though.  Especially since it is only winforms apps that are


Can someone with some expertise with the arm trampoline please chime in
here?  It is fairly urgent.





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Hi Matt,


Did you ever resolve this?  I'm experiencing the same problem.




On Mon, Nov 29, 2010 at 7:44 PM, mj1856 <mj1856 at hotmail.com> wrote:

I have cross compiled mono 2.8 with libgdiplus for the s3c2410 processor I
running. It is an arm920t (armv4t architecture).  I use scratchbox with a
recent codesourcery toolchain.

I have two test applications that I wrote in visual studio targeting .net
2.0.  The first is a console app with a basic "Hello world".  It works
perfectly.  The second is a winforms app with a single form that has a
simple label that gets updated with a timer control to show the current date
and time. (basically a digital clock).  Running it, I get the following

* Assertion: should not be reached at tramp-arm.c:48

Checking /mono/mini/tramp-arm.c, the function in question is
mono_arch_patch_callsite, which has two blocks of code, where one of them is
supposed to run.  I'm not sure exactly what it's checking here, but neither
block gets executed, so it hits the assertion.  Can anyone shed some light
on what might be the problem?

One note that may or may not be of interest, but because the codesourcery
toolchain is multilib, I have to specify -march=armv4t on the CFLAGS passed
to configure mono.  This appears to be working, as my console app works

I do have a running X server, which I've tested with other native apps, so I
know at least that part is functional.

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