[Mono-dev] [PATCH] add AOT setup info and options help

Alexander Stohr Alexander.Stohr at gmx.de
Wed Jan 12 10:10:23 EST 2011

the attached patch adds a help command
and an information command
to the "--aot=" parameter.

* the help value lists all existing options.
* the info value lists all TARGET_ specific settings.

adding more info about the AOT component
to this values is possible and encouraged.

this now makes up a total of 20+2=22 different options.
the mono 2.8 man page currently only lists some 15 values.

this should help to improve transparency on aot option values
when only the mono binary is present, e.g. in a feature autodetect step.
this might help to pave the way for having a single mono binary that is
containing multiple target backends (one native and multiple cross ones).

regards, Alex.
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