[Mono-dev] MonoTools Server Usage & License

Richard Kiene richard.kiene at logos.com
Mon Feb 28 15:14:48 EST 2011

A few questions:

-- Under what license is the MonoTools Server distributed?

-- Using the MonoTools Server for OS X as-is won't work because the app is not a pure Mono app (we embed Mono in our Cocoa/Obj-C app). So what we're considering doing is building the server in to the project so that once the app is run on the Mac OS X side, we can connect the Visual Studio Mono Debugger to it. Is this a path worth traveling?

-- If the above question is a bad path to travel; would it be realistic to think that the MonoTools Server could be modified to work with an embedded Mono app on OS X? If so does anyone have suggestions on how to go about it?


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