[Mono-dev] WCF breakage and Windows build breakage

Atsushi Eno atsushieno at veritas-vos-liberabit.com
Thu Feb 24 21:26:57 EST 2011


This message is to alert people that WCF will be broken on git
master until Windows build gets fixed enough to run WCF NUnit tests.
It had been broken since Feb. 18th as shown in [*1] (snapshot).
I'm sure it is not an issue in WCF itself as I had been writing
WCF code with older revision of the runtime and other classlibs.

Second part is the one that affects all git master users: WCF client
proxy generation got "broken" due to the recent verifier changes
as shown in [*2] (snapshot).
We internally had discussion and Rodrigo and Marek gave me solution,
which needs not a small work to be done.

To not abandon interoperability with Windows clients and services,
I kept running tests on Windows, so it is essential to get the
build working fine. I'll wait for Windows build fix and *then* write
new proxy stuff. It won't be done very soon and WCF will be kept

[*1] http://dl.dropbox.com/u/493047/2011/02/x2/ViewWorkTable.aspx.htm
[*2] http://dl.dropbox.com/u/493047/2011/02/x1/ViewWorkTable.aspx.htm

Atsushi Eno

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