[Mono-dev] Mono 2.8/2.8.2 GC on linux x86_64

Francis A. Bausch fbausch at dracorp.com
Wed Feb 23 11:44:49 EST 2011

I'm developing an app that I'm running natively on windows and via mono 2.8.2 on linux, solaris-i386, solaris-sparc, and linux-x86_64.

It's a 32 bit app developed on windows, developed for anycpu, mostly in c# with some mono-basic and uses a lot of gtk#.
In a test mode which sequentially opens and closes all available gtk views, I use a lot of memory.

Garbage collection works well enough on all platforms, but seemingly not at all on 64 bit linux, regardless of whether I use default or sgen.

I've had this problem with 2.8 and still in 2.8.2

Does anyone have suggestions as to where to look to diagnose this problem?

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