[Mono-dev] Third Party dll error, member function returns null, but works in .NET

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Fri Feb 18 05:39:08 EST 2011

On 18.02.2011 11:29, Robert Jordan wrote:
> On 17.02.2011 21:14, Andrew at cogmation.com wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have been fighting this issue for a couple weeks now.  I have a small test
>> program which works in .net, but when running in mono, i get a
>> System.NullReferenceException.  I have attached my test program, including
>> the necessary third party files.  Any suggestions would be greatly
>> appreciated, as i am at a loss as to what else to try.
> This is a COM interop issue, and you're not providing the
> corresponding COM object. I'm afraid we can't do anything
> about this issue.

One more thing: I've seen a x64 folder in your test case. If this COM
object is 64-bit, you won't be able to load it in-proc because
Mono for Windows is a 32 bit application.


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