[Mono-dev] csproj files for Mono's class libraries.

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Mon Feb 14 07:42:40 EST 2011


> The newer system should be as convenient as dll.sources model. Without as
> easy step as to add just one line for new Foo.cs in Bar.dll.sources (or more
> importantly for contribution, FooTest.cs in Bar_test.dll.sources), I'm not
> likely enthusiastic to contribute new code.

If all you change is the .sources file, re-creating the project is a
matter of running the tool.

Updating it from the makefile is easy, updating it from the csproj
itself does not sound trivial though, I am open to suggestions how how
we can handle this.

Perhaps we could have a pre-build step in the csproj that regenerates
the csproj and exists with a message "Re-run the tool" if it detects
change on the .dll.sources file


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