[Mono-dev] [PATCHES] Mono on MIPS, backend fixes

Damien Diederen dd at crosstwine.com
Wed Feb 9 15:49:53 EST 2011


I have uploaded a first series of patches addressing some of the
problems in Mono's current MIPS32 backend:


With them, a statically-compiled o32 Mono passes all the VM tests except
'test_4_float_branch_nan', and MCS is able to compile (small) programs
involving generics—within a 32-bit QEMU as well as on 64-bit hardware.

There are still stability problems with bigger applications, though, but
that's research for another day.

It would be great to have the patches reviewed (extra-carefully because
this is my first contribution to the Mono JIT).  I'm obviously open to
suggestions; my goal is to get the series in shape for incorporation
into Mono's 2.6 and master branches.

Thanks, and cheers,

P.-S. — I believe Novell requires one to sign a copyright assignment
  form for VM changes; where can I download the PDF?  (Google was
  not helpful.)

tel:  +49 89 2189 2939
cell: +49 174 3489 428

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                 — Bob Johansen

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