[Mono-dev] Using an alternate System.Windows.Forms

Steve Baer steve at mcneel.com
Tue Feb 8 20:11:02 EST 2011

We are using the embedding API to run mono plug-ins inside our C++ application for OSX which has been working great.  We’ve also been putting together an alternate MonoMac based System.Windows.Forms.dll which we would like to get loaded and used any time an assembly needs to use System.Windows.Forms.

I can “force” this to work by overwriting the System.Windows.Forms.dll with our custom one in the mono gac, but going that route would force us to distribute a custom mono package to our users which really doesn’t appeal to me.  As things currently run our users can always get the latest and greatest mono distribution and things continue to work.

I’ve tried things like creating a custom config file with <bindingRedirect> tags in it and calling
mono_confg_parse(“path to my config file”);
and forcing our custom System.Windows.Forms.dll to load before any other assembly is loaded, but when a plug-in is run that was built referencing the mono (or .NET) System.Windows.Forms assembly, the mono debug output tells me that it is loading System.Windows.Forms version from the gac.

I’ve tried this with 2.8.1 and 2.10 since I noticed the 2.10 release notes has a comment
- Added support for Assembly Remapping

I’m at a loss on what to try next.
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