[Mono-dev] Recent C# compiler changes

Marek Safar marek.safar at gmail.com
Thu Feb 3 07:48:47 EST 2011


In the recent weeks I have made several changes to how Mono C# compiler 
is build and works. With the current master version we no longer use and 
build System.Reflection based C# compilers (gmcs.exe, smcs.exe, 
dmcs.exe). The new C# compiler (called mcs.exe) is based on 
IKVM.Reflection which allows us to build mscorlib independent version of 
C# compiler. The compiler scripts (gmcs, dmcs) are still working just 
internally call different program.

A new compiler option has been introduced called "sdk" with 2 values at 
the moment (2, 4). It allows to build against predefined framework 
version without manually specifying mscorlib location when compiling 
directly using mcs compiler. The default value is 4.

On top of that mcs.exe is now .net 4 application which means you need to 
install mono including .net 4.0 support to be able to compile any C# 

All changes apply to mono master only and will be part of the following 
Mono's release after 2.10.


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