[Mono-dev] Mono Hard Debugger (MDB) for ARM

Martin Däumler mdae at cs.tu-chemnitz.de
Fri Dec 16 10:48:50 EST 2011

On 05.10.11 14:20, Alex wrote:

> Yes, 2.10's soft debugger works on both x86(-64) and ARM.


now I have time to work on the Mono Debugger :)
I want to use Mono's Soft Debugger on ARM- and x86
embedded devices.

First question about that: Does there exit documentation
about the Mono Soft Debugger API, e.g., provided by
"Mono.Soft.Debugger.dll"? I want to use the Soft Debugger
in a command line way, without an IDE. I made the experience
that there are some compatibility problems between the 2.6
and 2.8 Soft Debugger version. So, is the API still similar
to the Java debugger's one, as stated in this thread [1]?

My second question: Where to get the Mono.Soft.Debugger.dll?
Does it suffice to link my "debug server" application to this
library from, say, a MonoDevelop-build?

With kind regards,
Martin Däumler


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