[Mono-dev] how to coerce MonoObject* holding a System.Type to MonoClass*

Jonathan Shore jonathan.shore at gmail.com
Mon Dec 12 21:50:05 EST 2011

I have a method call that returns System.Type. I want to make use of the
type and do some reflection from C++. Have code like this:

MonoClass* klass = (MonoClass*)mono_runtime_invoke (...);

I am pretty sure that the casting to MonoClass* is not appropriate. The
mono_runtime_invoke() function returns aMonoObject*. How do I coerce the
MonoObject* containing a reference to Type to MonoClass*. I want to be able
to be able to call:

mono_class_get_properties (type, &iter)

iteratively, later.

FYI: I posted this on stackoverflow @
anyone cares to answer.

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