[Mono-dev] Oracle HasRow method

Stefano Canepa sc at linux.it
Tue Aug 30 05:41:34 EDT 2011

Dear all,
	sorry if the following question was asked but I cannot find an answer
neither I was able to find source code of the Oracle data assembly.
	At work we are using Oracle Data and we have found that the HasRow
method always return true so that even if the table/view is empty the
code protected by the "if(xx.HasRow)" is executed returning as
exception. Even if I understand that we can modify all our code to
try/except I would like to understand why this behaviour that is
different from .NET.

	I was also looking for the code so that I can help providing a patch
but I was unable to find it, could you be so kind to hekp me in finding
it, too.


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