[Mono-dev] [mono][chktrust]: signature can't be traced back to a trusted root!

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Fri Aug 26 03:43:34 EDT 2011

On 26.08.2011 02:07, jaysonp wrote:
> Hi Robert,
>      Using the powershell script, as expected, I was able to export the
> certs. Thanks for this :)
>      However, 3 follow-up questions:
>      1. I thought I need PKCS#7 instead of the .cer files to be added on Mono
> trust store. Will I have to export
>          them as .p7b?

MS.NET cannot export as .p7b, but since the root certs are already
coherent, .cer will do as well.

>      2. Given that I've exported them as .cer or .p7b files, will I have to
> add them 1 by 1 in the Mono store?
>          Is there a way to do it collectively(i.e just pass the directory
> where the certs are located)

When "exported-certs" is the directory with the certs,
the following command will import them:

find exported-certs -name "*.cer" -exec certmgr -add -c Trust {} \;


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