[Mono-dev] small footprint mono / AOT

g4 at novadsp.com g4 at novadsp.com
Wed Aug 24 14:34:38 EDT 2011

Hello Jonathan

On 24/08/2011 19:03, Jonathan Shore wrote:
> Hi,
> I have somewhat unusual requirements whereby need to have a minimal
> footprint, native, statically compiled app. (well yes they mostly
> intersect with embedded applications, but with some further requirements).
> This application will be distributed to thousands of linux and windows
> boxes to evaluate a computation. Due to bandwidth considerations and
> "no-touch" in terms of OS/library modifications, this deployment needs
> to be:

I have no idea which version of .NET you need to support but an 
alternative to Mono is at http://dotnetanywhere.org/.

It is BSD licensed, very compact, and easy to assimilate. YMMV :)



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