[Mono-dev] Generating Cocoa bindings through Objective-C introspection?

Miguel de Icaza miguel at xamarin.com
Fri Aug 19 23:38:04 EDT 2011

Hello Jerry,

F_script (http://www.fscript.org/) has a rather clever class browser
> that lists classes, methods etc via the Objective-C runtime. Might it
> possible to use the same approach to automate the generation of MONO
> Cocoa bindings using the same technique? The runtime has a C API, is
> well documented*, and looks to be easily accessed via p/Invoke.
> Any thoughts, tips or code clues welcomed.

This can help you get started.   The XML bridge description that ships with
every Mac also can help.

But neither one contains all of the information to produce a rich binding,
that is why we ended up doing the bindings by a combination of automatic
parsing (parse.exe in the distribution) plus manual editing of the result to
ensure that the bindings follow the FDG.

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