[Mono-dev] How does mono load the assemblies ?

Happy Swinger happy.swinger at live.com
Tue Aug 16 15:13:30 EDT 2011

I am new to mono, so please forgive the ignorance on a lot of basic stuff.
(Lots of experience on .net though).

How does mono load the assemblies ?
When I run “mono foo.exe” where foo.exe is my test assembly that let’s say depends on system.data.dll, then examining the process address of mono.exe does not indicate that foo.exe and system.data.dll are loaded. Internally the assemblies are of course loaded, as I can enumerate the instances of loaded assemblies via reflection.
It looks to me mono does not use the normal window’s dll loading mechanism to achieve this, it probably reads the assemblies files directly in order to read the IL and  metadata. 
Are there any tools that I can use to list the loaded assemblies of a running mono app ? (assuming that the app is written by someone else, I don’t have the luxury to edit it).

Mono guru out there, please help!

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