[Mono-dev] Oracle's ODP.NET database provider on Mono

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Sorry for the cross-posting, but I sent this email to the wrong list.  monodevelop-list and mono-devel-list have similar names.

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Oracle has a web page where people can submit feature requests or vote on requests others have created.  The feature requests are Oracle products using .net framework to connect to Oracle databases, such as, ODP.NET which is Oracle's ADO.NET provider to Oracle databases.

Title: Support ODP.NET on Mono

Title: Thin ODP.NET Driver
Description: Like Oracle has a Thin driver for Oracle databases for JDBC, how about 
creating a Thin driver for Oracle databases for ADO.NET too? 

The links require you to log in to Oracle Technology Network.  If you do not have an Oracle account, it is free to create one.

The feature request for "Thin ODP.NET Driver" says it is Planned for 2011.

Please vote for the above feature requests.
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