[Mono-dev] Cross directory function call in Mono's build system

Martin Däumler mdae at cs.tu-chemnitz.de
Thu Apr 14 07:55:50 EDT 2011


I'm modifying Mono 2.6.1 and I want to call a function from
within function 'mono_delegate_ctor()' in source file
"mono/metadata/object.c". The function to be called is a
custom function defined in source file "mono/mini/mysourcefile.c"
(which is already included in the build process of directory
"mono/mini"). So, I added "mysourcefile.c" to the list of
source files in Makefile.am in "mono/metadata". However, the
code in "mysourcefile.c" uses a lot of functions of source
files in "mono/mini.c". So, the linker says there are a lot
of undefined references. Including the referenced source
files works as far as the function
'MONO_DEBUGGER__notification_function()' is referenced. It
is declared in "mono/debug-debugger.c" and marked as extern.
Although "mono/debug-debugger.c" is included, the linker
says the reference to this function is undefined.

This is the point where I hang. Any hints how to get Mono
built with my custom function call?

With kind regards,
Martin Däumler

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