[Mono-dev] compile mono on windows

Frank Fuchs fk.fuchs at googlemail.com
Tue Apr 12 02:56:17 EDT 2011

I think I finally manged to build mono (2.10.1) on windows using mingw-w64
(TDM build) together with the patches from here:
I did end up with a libmono-2.0.a and libmono-2.0.dll.
What is missing in comparison to the distributed binaries is the contents of
Now I think I am a little confused about the mono/mcs compilation. As far as
I understood it the missing stuff would be build when building mcs. Do I
need a working (external) mono/mcs to build mcs? What does it take to build
a working combination for 64 bit? Is it sufficient to have a 64 bit mono or
does mcs need to take care about 32 vs. 64 bit as well? Could I just
complete my build with the distributed mcs?

Sorry for the noob questions. Any input is highly appreciated!
   - Frank
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