[Mono-dev] monodis implemented with Cecil

Chris Seaton chris at chrisseaton.com
Thu Apr 7 18:04:52 EDT 2011

Hello all,

Thanks for your feedback.


> Are you also planning on adding the table dumping features?   They are
> not necessary if we keep monodis around.

I will probably work on this last, but I hope to get around to it, yeah. That way we can remove monodis and the burden of maintaining it, instead of just adding to the maintenance burden.


> As I wrote in my earlier mail, there's a lot of code that can be lifted from:

Thanks, I've seen that and I am referring to it. My goal of being character-for-character the same as monodis means that I'm not using your existing code as is.

> ildasm should be in mcs/tools, ilasm is in mcs just for historical
> reasons. Also I don't think we should require python for the tests, a
> simple Makefile should be enough.

Thanks, I've moved it to tools, and I've rewritten by tests in Make.


> Another drawback is that it's very easy to crash/SIGSEGV monodis with 
> broken metadata/MSIL. If the new version could be made more robust that 
> would be great too.

Hopefully it will be. When I get around to it, I could get hold of some broken files and perhaps implement some kind of error recovery logic, but that's for the future.


Chris Seaton

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