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Thu Apr 7 00:56:12 EDT 2011


Well,since I have a lot of experience with Antlr on C#,it does not
seem to be a good choice to use jay.And the makefile grammar is quiet
simple,I wonder if I could write the parser by hand.


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> Subject: Re: [Mono-dev] GSoC Proposal for FreshBuild
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> Hi,
> One suggestion: I would strongly advise using either jay (what Mono
> uses for mcs) which is LALR or Coco/R (http://ssw.jku.at/Coco/) which
> is LL(1) for the parsing. These are pure .NET tools, so you won't have
> to use Java or similar (as is the case with ANTLR).
> Regards,
> Alex

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