[Mono-dev] Unknown chars in strings

Andreas Nahr ClassDevelopment at A-SoftTech.com
Wed Apr 6 05:01:40 EDT 2011

Are you sure your application works by itself? e.g. does the application (without recompiling) works on Windows/.Net or Linux/x86/Mono?

If Mono prints ? on the console it is most likely an issue with encodings/codepages (Mono contains it's own set of locale, timezone and codepage data so you shouldn't need any other c libraries).

Did you check OutputEncoding? Did you try to set it to a different encoding?

Happy Hacking

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>  Hi!
>  I'v cross-compiled Mono to a big-endian PowerPC.
>  Unfortunately the hungarian characters (like éáőúí) are displayed
>  incorrectly (Mono prints '?????').
>  If I print these chars from C with a simple printf they display
>  correctly.
>  The terminal supports UTF-8, but the device contains only a subset of
>  glibc files (no locale and timezone data).
>  Iconv data is also missing but I'v compiled a preloadable libiconv
> with
>  extra code pages (and verified that it is working).
>  Glibc version is 2.5, GCC is 4.1.1.
>  If I redirect the output to a file the chars still bad.
>  What are the requirements of Mono to display these characters
>  correctly?
>  BR,
>  Krisztian
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