[Mono-dev] monodis implemented with Cecil

Chris Seaton chris at chrisseaton.com
Tue Apr 5 19:29:53 EDT 2011

Can I advertise the work that I have started towards the reimplementation of monodis using Cecil. The fork is at https://github.com/chrisseaton/mono/ with the code found in mcs/ildasm.

If anyone has the time I would appreciate an early code review to check that it will fit into mono and could be merged in the future. I'm still not sure about the build and test systems so that might require some attention in the future.

So far it implements the monodis command line interface and disassembles a simple hello world with the same output as monodis, so it isn't much more than a proof of concept but it's coming along very quickly and should be all done in a few weeks hopefully.

I am writing it as a simple reimplementation of monodis. It has the same command line interface and the output is the same as monodis, character for character. This means that it can be dropped into place when finished and should not affect anyone's systems. It also enables me to test it very effectively by using diff to compare the output of ildasm to monodis.

I have named it ildasm to match the managed ilasm. The new name also means that it can live alongside monodis for the time being.


Chris Seaton

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