[Mono-dev] GSoC Proposal : FreshBuild - Help XBuild to Support MSVC and GCC , and Translating Makefiles to MSBuild Projects

Alex xtzgzorex at gmail.com
Tue Apr 5 06:03:38 EDT 2011


It's great to see someone is willing to take on this task! Building
the runtime and the class libs would indeed be a million times easier
on non-Linux platforms if we used pure MSBuild/XBuild files for the
build system. I fully encourage you to go ahead with this.

Good luck!


2011/4/5 Sharp BladeÎÞºñÖ®ÈÐ <sharper.than.bladez at gmail.com>:
> Hello everyone,
>    My name is Jiangcheng Jiang ,or you may call me Sharp.I've been
> planning to improve the XBuild so as to provide MSVC and GCC support
> as a GSoC project.More importantly,I would like to develop a Makefile
> to MSBuild Project translator to take place of GNU Make.This project
> is intended to simplify the building process on both the Windows and
> Linux platform and reduce building  problems.Also,many opensource
> projects would benefit from the MSVC compiler in terms of performance.
>    Here are my goals:
>    1.A MSBuild extension to support MSVC on windows,which is the same
> as the official one .
>    2.A MSBuild extension to support GCC on both windows and linux
>    3.A makefile translator.
>    4.A visualizing tool to edit MSBuild projects
>    4.A build server for freshbuild
>    For such a project,there would always be plenty of test projects
> for me.And I would take the ruby installer as my target.
>    I am eager for you feedbacks.
> Sharp (Jiacheng Jiang)
> sharper.than.bladez at gmail.com
> South China University of Technology
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