[Mono-dev] Status of non-full AOT on x86 mac

Brian Luczkiewicz brian at sooloos.com
Sun Oct 31 12:35:33 EDT 2010

> I would suggest to fold this into the preexisting section. Does Darwin/x86
> not define __MACH__?

__MACH__ is an antiquated way to detect an apple machine. Newer code, both
out in the world and within the mono tree (e.g. mini-x86.h) seems to use
__APPLE__. Obviously, do what you want here, but that was my line of

> And are you sure that __native_client_codegen__ on OSX should influence the
> file name extension for shared libraries?

Since __native_client_codegen__ is the only pre-existing case where we do
aot on x86 mac, I was being extra careful to make sure that when it's
defined, the pre-existing behavior is unaffected. I'm unsure whether
__native_client_codegen__ depends on filename extension and am not in a
position to test it.

If you happen to know better then that condition is unnecessary.

 What warnings are you suppressing there? The surrounding archs don't appear
> to.

The debug information size expression (Ldebug_end - Ldebug_begin) causes a
warning because it's not computable at assembly time since the sections are
relocatable. This doesn't appear to cause a problem in practice, but it does
cause a warning message.

> Same thoughts wrt the extension here.

Same response.

Is that a typo? The latter part of the #elif would never be true since it is
> handled in your #if already.

Yes..good catch. The latter part of the #elif should go.

> Regards,
> Andreas

Given my responses above, let me know what you think and I will prepare an
updated patch.


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