[Mono-dev] Nullref when clearing TextBox that hasn't been shown yet

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Attached is a how-to list of building Mono on OSX that worked for me.

On 10/29/10, darkgoob <jjj at io.com> wrote:
> That is great but HOW do I install your patched version of Mono on OS X? I
> have been trying for days and all is fail. Thanks
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Building Mono on a Mac Snow Leopard

All this was done while logged in as root.

The default compilers are 64 bit (version 4.2) so you need to
set the symlinks to the older 32 bit (version 4.0) compilers.

cd /usr/bin
rm c++
rm cc
rm g++
rm gcc
rm gcov
ln -s c++-4.0 c++
ln -s gcc-4.0 cc
ln -s g++-4.0 g++
ln -s gcc-4.0 gcc
ln -s gcov-4.0 gcov

To set them back

cd /usr/bin
rm c++
rm cc
rm g++
rm gcc
rm gcov
ln -s c++-4.2 c++
ln -s gcc-4.2 cc
ln -s g++-4.2 g++
ln -s gcc-4.2 gcc
ln -s gcov-4.2 gcov

The package sources are kept in

cd /Users/Developer/BUILD

and were obtained from open source web sites (mono-project.com, gnu.org, etc.)

For each package

cd <package folder>  (highlite package name with mouse, Cmnd+C, Cmnd+V is your friend)

Build in the following order (version suffix not shown here)

1.) pkg-config
2.) gettext 
3.) glib  (./configure --disable-dtrace)

4.) jpeg
5.) tiff
6.) giflib
7.) libpng

8.) fontconfig
9.) freetype
10.) libexif
11.) libgdiplus (see note below)

12.) mono

All of these packages are built by going to the package folder and running

make distclean
./configure       (--flags - see above)
make install

If you mess up then

cd /usr/local
rm -r *

and start all over again.

If the build is good

cd /usr/local
cp -a * /Library/Frameworks/Mono.framework/Versions/2.9  (or wherever you want mono put)


The configure file for libgdiplus needs to have the following line commented out:

	ac_configure_args="$ac_configure_args --disable-quartz-font"

so that quartz fonts can be picked up as well as freetype fonts.

Comment out "cairo_quartz_font_face_create_for_atsu_font_id" in


if you get compiler errors.

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