[Mono-dev] Status of non-full AOT on x86 mac

Brian Luczkiewicz brian at sooloos.com
Wed Oct 27 13:41:13 EDT 2010

I have a cross-platform (osx+mono/ms.net) app that runs a large piece of
generated code at startup--on windows, 95% of the runtime of this code is in
the JIT compiler and ngen improves startup time for this app dramatically. I
was hoping to try out --aot and potentially see a corresponding improvement
in startup time on osx.

Sadly, AOT is locked behind if !defined(__apple__) on x86, even on mono 2.8.


1. Are there plans to enable aot on x86 osx?

2. If not, what work is required to get this done? I'm not opposed to
getting my hands dirty.
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