[Mono-dev] How to access XplatUI for custom controls?

Lionel Cuir lionel_email at aulofee.com
Fri Oct 22 12:08:52 EDT 2010

So here is it. I called the assembly Mono.WinformsSupport.dll. Rename it as
you want + change the reference to the signing key to build it.
I've done something just a little more elaborate, as it can be used on Mono
but also with .NET. In a word, a GUI application can now use the same system
calls, independently of the runtime ( Mono / .NET) and of the OS (Windows,
Linux...). Technically, if a program (compiled with Mono.WinformsSupport)
runs on Mono, it will use XplatUI from the Mono's System.Windows.Forms dll.
But if it runs on .NET, then it will use the internal copy of XplatUIWin32
located in Mono.WinformsSupport. 
I didn't include any unit test as methods are either simple stubs (calling
XplatUI when on Mono) or a true copy of XplatUIWin32 (which is already
tested). Apply the diff on
mcs/class/Managed.Windows.Forms/Assembly/AssemblyInfo.cs also (add a
InternalsVisibleTo attribute to System.Windows.Forms.dll).
Hope it will encourage those creating GUI controls to make their controls
compatible with Mono.

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Right now, I'm using only a very limited subset:
So obviously, I could manage it manually. But I was thinking about porting
various opensource controls, available on Internet and which uses
GUI-related win32 calls (such as the ecellent DockPanel). As a lot of work
has been within XplatUI and its "drivers", I was looking at reusing them. My
first idea was to ask about making all/some XplatUI's methods public. But
maybe the easier way is to extract what's needed from these classes (easier
but not smarter way though).

I would support having an extra library "WinformsSupport.dll" that exposes
those methods for you.   Interested in cooking the patch?

It would probably be a matter of making the [InternalsVisisbleTo:] the new
assembly, and then exposing public methods for it.

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