[Mono-dev] mysql connector Mono 2.6.7 - Cannot find assembly

Frank Cohen frankenspank at gmail.com
Thu Oct 21 16:13:32 EDT 2010

I have solved this issue, thanks everyone for helping.  The issue was that
Mono's machine.config was not updated with the MySQL data providers.  This
is why I got the same errors both on Windows and CentOS.  On Windows, I'd
installed the MySQL DLLs via the installer, so it wasn't clear to me that I
had to do anything other than do anything other than register the assemblies
in the GAC.

Would it be possible to update http://www.mono-project.com/MySQL mentioning
that you'll need to go in and edit your machine config?  Even better would
be an install script.

> try register MySql in /usr/local/etc/mono/2.0/
machine.config in <DbProviderFactories> section
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