[Mono-dev] Bug in mono or our code?

David Isaac Wolinsky davidiw at ufl.edu
Wed Oct 20 16:00:11 EDT 2010

When compiling our code 
using 2.8 and git master head, I receive a very long error message.  The 
key points are:

       [csc] mono_image_get_method_on_inst_token: don't know how to 
handle System.Reflection.Emit.ConstructorOnTypeBuilderInst
       [csc] Stacktrace:
       [csc]   at (wrapper managed-to-native) 
(System.Reflection.Emit.ModuleBuilder,object) <0x0004c>
       [csc]   at (wrapper managed-to-native) 
(System.Reflection.Emit.ModuleBuilder,object) <0x0004c>

I can do more debugging, but I figure this is a quick fix for those in 
the know.

Also, I found this faulty:

diff --git a/mono/metadata/reflection.c b/mono/metadata/reflection.c
index 7bc8471..3cc8522 100644
--- a/mono/metadata/reflection.c
+++ b/mono/metadata/reflection.c
@@ -2831,7 +2831,7 @@ mono_image_get_ctor_on_inst_token 
(MonoDynamicImage *assembly, MonoReflectionCto
                 token = mono_image_get_memberref_token (assembly, 
&klass->byval_arg, mm->name, sig);
         } else {
                 char *name = mono_type_get_full_name (mono_object_class 
-               g_error ("mono_image_get_method_on_inst_token: don't 
know how to handle %s", name);
+               g_error ("mono_image_get_ctor_on_inst_token: don't know 
how to handle %s", name);


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