[Mono-dev] use locale_charset() from iconv instead of use nl_langinfo (CODESET)

Robert Nagy robert at openbsd.org
Tue Oct 19 07:31:53 EDT 2010


Someone please have a look at http://github.com/mono/mono/pull/9

Use locale_charset() from iconv which will use nl_langinfo (CODESET) anyways but it will do canonicalization so we will get the correct charset name, because nl_langinfo (CODESET) can return different things on different systems. This at least fixes OpenBSD.

Without this building mono will end up in an exception because it's going to try to open codepage 646 instead of ascii because g_get_charset() returns the wrong one.

The testcode linked to system glib and eglib:
(t500 robert 17418)$ ./char-glib; ./char-eglib


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