[Mono-dev] [mono/moon] [2 commits] fd3b2520: Add a checkout-mono target that parses the README and checks out the cor

Rolf Bjarne Kvinge rolflists at ya.com
Tue Oct 12 05:58:47 EDT 2010


>>> Firstly, the 'reset --hard' is an absolute no-no for a checkout.
>>> Please use 'git checkout'.  'reset' modifies the branch metadata --
>>> checkout only modifies the working tree.  'reset --hard' is a
>>> too-convenient bludgeon that smashes your branch metadata and working
>>> tree with one misleadingly simple command -- use with care.
>> It's just a convenience target which does what the README says you
>> should do
>> (which may be wrong/bad of course).
>Experience shows, people don't read READMEs.
>If it does a reset, better call it "reset-mono" or something.

Changed. Thanks for the idea.



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