[Mono-dev] Problem running mkbundle using cygwin/windows

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Mon Oct 11 16:11:31 EDT 2010


On 11.10.2010 18:43, Patrick Kowalzick wrote:
> Dear List,
> I get an error running mkbundle using cygwin/windows. I installed
> mono-2.8, cygwin 1.7 (gcc-mingw, mingw-zlib) and set up the paths in my
> .bashrc.
> A test run looks like:


> temp.c: In function `main':
> temp.c:170: warning: implicit declaration of function `g_utf16_to_utf8'


> Any ideas what is missing? (I'd guess a header with a valid definition
> of g_utf16_to_utf8, but I was not able to figure out where to find it).

Mono 2.8 has switched to its own eglib (embedded glib).
This means that every tool that depends on glib (like mkbundle)
does not work anymore, especially on platforms that don't come
with glib (Windows, Mac OSX).

A simple workaround would be to comment out all #ifdef _WIN32 blocks
from mcs/tools/mkbundle/template_main.c and recompile mkbundle.

If you can't recompile, using mkbundle's "-c" option and a manual
compilation after you've changed to output accordingly should
work as well.

Please file a bug.


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