[Mono-dev] Mono 2.8 gnome-sharp not compiling...

Quandary quandary82 at hailmail.net
Sat Oct 9 17:49:00 EDT 2010


But in the meantime, comment that sample out in that official zip-file.
You do everyone who downloads it to compile a favour.

Line 449 + 450 of the generated makefile in that folder
#TestXfer.exe: $(srcdir)/TestXfer.cs $(assemblies)
#    $(CSC) /out:TestXfer.exe $(references) -r:Mono.GetOptions.dll 

and from EXTRA_TARGETS =
in line 221 of the generated makefile.

And another thing:

I was eager to see the improvements in mono 2.8 & winforms, whether the 
errors in my mailserver are now gone...

so I ran LumiSoft mailserver again with mono 2.8...

with which I already had some issues on mono here, which I was able to fix:

And I was quite a bit surprised by the result:

Now one thing I'm curisous about is, how come a control as complex as a 
treeview is displayed near flawlessly, while a control as trivial and 
often used as a button still aligns text vertically at the bottom or why 
the GroupBox suddenly only displays the first character...

You know, I know it may seem trivial, but sometimes it would be helpful 
if one still saw the captions of the GroupBoxes/Labels/Buttons... 
especially if one wants to sell a product some time in the future, since 
all a prospective customer sees is the GUI.

Of course, GTK# works better, but because it draws its own widgets, it 
looks kinda old-fashioned on Windows, which unfortunately still has 85% 
marketshare. wxWidgets is better in that respect, but it lacks broad 

On 10/09/2010 04:59 PM, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> Hello,
>     We no longer ship Mono.GetOptions.dll, since this is a sample, you 
> can just remove it from the Makefile.
>     In the meantime, we should get the sample rewritten to use the new 
> Mono.Options.
> On Sat, Oct 9, 2010 at 6:23 AM, Quandary <quandary82 at hailmail.net 
> <mailto:quandary82 at hailmail.net>> wrote:
>     Question: When compiling mono 2.8 et al on Ubuntu 10.04 from the
>     stable
>     tarballs, i get this:
>     error CS0006: cannot find metadata file `Mono.GetOptions.dll'
>     Compilation failed: 1 error(s), 0 warnings
>     The error seems to be in:
>     /root/sources/mono-2.8/download/gnome-sharp-2.24.1/sample/gnomevfs
>     while the compilation of
>     TestXfer.cs
>     I find Mono.Options.dll to be located in:
>     /root/sources/mono-2.8/download/mono-2.8/mcs/class/lib/net_4_0/Mono.Options.dll
>     I copied it to
>     /root/sources/mono-2.8/download/gnome-sharp-2.24.1/sample/gnomevfs
>     but that doesn't fix the error.
>     I read somewhere that "Mono.GetOptions is obsolete, and was
>     removed from
>     mono (changed to Mono.Options?), but debugger still have this
>     reference. "
>     How can I fix this compilation error ?
>     Does this assembly lack gac installation ?
>     And would somebody please fix the gnome-sharp tarball, after all it's
>     the stable source.
>     http://ftp.novell.com/pub/mono/sources-stable/
>     For now I just commented out the TestXfer.cs in the makefile,
>     since it's
>     only a sample/test.
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