[Mono-dev] Porting mcs to IKVM.Reflection

Jeroen Frijters jeroen at sumatra.nl
Mon May 10 04:12:35 EDT 2010

Hi Kornél,

> I'm just trying to implement /nostdlib:
> http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/fa13yay7.aspx
> And I belive that having API for setting assembly aliases would be a
> good solution.

I think I understand better where you're coming from now. I did some more work on it in the mean time and I will soon check in a patch that fixes some issues and should make everything clearer I hope. My idea was that AssemblyResolve could indeed be used to implement -nostdlib, but there were some bugs preventing that from fully working.

> Of course LoadMscorlib is not a bug, it's just redundant. The current
> AssemblyResolve is able to do that just fine. If there was an assembly
> alias feature, LoadMscorlib was even more redundant.

I think the alias feature is redundant with the AssemblyResolve, at least it will be after I commit my latest set of fixes. There is one reason why LoadMscorlib will need to stay, because it is the only way to avoid an alias from the current runtime mscorlib version to the one loaded and that is important for scenarios where the code is executing on a later runtime than the one the compiler is targetting.


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