[Mono-dev] Mscorlib too old for this runtime

F. Miguel Carvalho mcarvalho at cc.isel.ipl.pt
Wed Mar 31 14:57:53 EDT 2010

>> As class libraries we are using those from Mono 2.6.3 installation.

> This is not supported. If you build from trunk you also have to use
> the matching "mcs" dir from trunk (or from whichever branch you've
> got mono from).

I already had realized that, but I am having problems to build the "mcs"
trunk on windows/cygwin. So I was looking for the corresponding pre built
class libraries or a solution for Visual Studio that can build the "mcs".

If someone could provide the class libraries dll (mscorlib.dll and its
dependencies) on "mcs" trunk would be nice.


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