[Mono-dev] About Bug 321325 - SSL re-negotiation failure with Postgres

Francisco Figueiredo Jr. francisco at npgsql.org
Sun Mar 28 15:36:43 EDT 2010

Hi all!

I received a mail from Albe Laurenz talking about renegotiation
problems with SSL libraries and a new parameter which was created on
postgresql to control when to do the renegotiation.[1]

In Npgsql, we had a problem that when the renegotiation started, we
received four bytes "0" from network stream and we never figured out
where they came from. It seems Albe has an answer which is explained
in the bug report. Would you mind to check if this bug was already
fixed? If not, maybe the information Albe added could be helpful to
get it fixed.

[1] http://lists.pgfoundry.org/pipermail/npgsql-devel/2010-February/001065.html

Thanks in advance.


Francisco Figueiredo Jr.
Npgsql Lead Developer

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