[Mono-dev] [PATCH] Two patches to make SGen work on Darwin/x86

Mark Probst mark.probst at gmail.com
Wed Mar 24 18:10:33 EDT 2010

On Wed, Mar 24, 2010 at 11:37 AM, Paolo Molaro <lupus at ximian.com> wrote:
> One solution is to introduce a function similar to
> GC_call_with_alloc_lock() in the Boehm GC, so that the unsafe table
> manipulation can be done without risk of interruption from the GC.
> Another one is to expose the critical region enter/exit code from
> sgen-gc.c. In both cases we must take care that no GC allocation can be
> done inside the protected regions (the GC lock is not recursive and it
> must stay that way).

Here's an updated patch that fixes this problem, both for mono-ehash
as well as for mono-hash.

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