[Mono-dev] projects related to C# and LINQ in Scala (Google Summer of Code)

Miguel Garcia miguel.garcia at tuhh.de
Tue Mar 23 10:31:05 EDT 2010


I've been contributing to the Scala compiler project [1] focusing recently 
on its .NET version.

The Scala team participates in this year's Google Summer of Code [2], where 
students get paid for contributing to open-source projects. Besides the 
topics offered by Mono, I hope you also find interesting challenges at the 
Scala project ideas webpage, http://www.scala-lang.org/gsoc2010

>From that list, the following are directly related to .NET and Mono 

 6. Scala Test Suite on .NET
 9. A new backend for the Scala.Net compiler to generate C# sources
12. Adding LINQ-awareness to Scala.Net

Your ideas are welcome! For example, here's one more: [3]

If you know students interested in compiler stuff, please let them know 
about these projects.



[1] The Scala Compiler Corner,

[2]  Google Summer of Code 2010 http://code.google.com/soc/

[3]  Scalify.NET and joint compilation of Scala and C#,

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