[Mono-dev] [PATCH] WCF multithreaded and property handling

Matt Dargavel matt at shout-telecoms.com
Tue Mar 23 09:33:19 EDT 2010

Ok, no problem.  I can break them down more.  

You're right, I can provide no guarantees about the Thread.Sleep
removal!  But it could have been related to locking registered_channels
instead of pending?  I did quite a bit of multithreaded testing, and
there were no problems; but I take your point.

I implemented new functions rather than overriding Properties for a few
reasons.  I wanted to be sure that I found everywhere that used the
properties mechanism to check there were no unwanted side effects, and
to make it more obvious something a little special was going on.  Also I
thought that using a function hides the implementation from other
classes.  For example, the .NET documentation states that
ChannelListenerBase should search for the property and then delegate
down the stack if it can't find it, so I could see a scenario where only
certain properties were passed to / from inner channels.  But I guess
that's refactoring and personal preference rather than a minimum change
fix. :-)

I can delve in to the test code and come up with some test cases for the
properties fix, but unfortunately I think it'll be impossible to write
test cases for the multithreading issues.



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> Hello,
> Thanks for the patch. They are looking like a great set of attempts
> cool bugfixes :) However there is a lot of other changes that your
> description cannot explain. So, please first split the changes into
> smaller patches for each purpose, and give explanation for each
change. For
> example,
> - // FIXME: this should not be required, but it somehow saves some
> wrt concurrent calls.
> - Thread.Sleep (100);
> This kind of change should not be made without explanation. (you
> really sure about why it exists, right?)
> As for ChannelListenerBase.Properties, I'd rather make the changes
> smaller like the attached change. Isn't it enough? There's no test
> that I can verify your (and-my) changes.
> Atsushi Eno
> On 2010/03/23 20:28, Matt Dargavel wrote:
> >
> > The included patches fix the following:
> >
> > multithreaded_fixes.patch: ObjectDisposedException,
> > InvalidOperationException("Another async TryReceiveRequest operation
> > is in progress") and other multithreaded timing fixes. Also includes
> > change to make GET ?wsdl case insensitive.
> >
> > properties_handling.patch: MetadataPublishingInfo not available in
> > TransactionChannelListener's inner_listener. I created a new
> > RetrieveProperty function as overriding GetProperty<T> didn't work-
> > the ChannelListenerBase implementation was still called. Perhaps
> > there's a bug with generic function overrides or maybe I've done
> > something silly there?
> >
> > properties_and_wsdl.patch: patch for ServiceMetadataExtension.cs
> > goes with the properties changes and the ?wsdl change.
> >
> > Let me know if you have any questions. :-)
> >
> > Matt.
> >

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