[Mono-dev] Linear layout struct containing IntPtr is not marshaled properly

Pavel Šavara pavel.savara at gmail.com
Sun Mar 21 07:23:48 EDT 2010

Hello Mono people,

I work on FOSS inter-process bridge between JVM & CLR. See
http:\\jni4net.sf.net if you are interested.
Till now it works just on Windows and I started working on Mono
support recently.
I identified few Mono bugs, but one of them is blocker for me.

I created simplified test case and attached it to the bug.
Unfortunately I don't have enough Mono skills to fix this myself.

Could you please have look and revert back to me with estimate when it
could be fixed. I would like to set my priorities according to that.
Any questions are welcome.

Thanks a lot

There are other two bugs, but they are less painful for me.
I believe that there are problems with
Marshal.GetFunctionPointerForDelegate and SafeHandle as well, but I
don't have good evidence yet.

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