[Mono-dev] Question on the number of closed vs. open bugs

Jonathan Pobst monkey at jpobst.com
Thu Mar 18 13:35:27 EDT 2010


Closed bugs on that report is only the bugs closed in the past 7 days. 
(That helps QA track which bugs have recently been closed so they can 
verify them.)

The number of bugs is actually pretty irrelevant to the usefulness of a 
piece of software.  What matters is whether those bugs are keeping 
people from using the software.

The bugs that really affect people tend to get fixed much faster, and 
the obscure or unreproducible cases tend to sit in Bugzilla forever, 
piling up over the past decade of Mono.

For reference:
Ubuntu has 76,565 open bugs (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu)
Firefox has 17,953 open bugs (http://tinyurl.com/yjzrb3s)

I've heard numbers thrown around for Windows having something like over 
a million open bugs.


On 3/18/2010 12:13 PM, Robert Braun wrote:
> Hi,
> At http://mono-project.com/Bugs Mono's bug tracker is linked.
> As of today it counts 2572 "open" and 31 "closed" bugs (plus a larger
> number of unclosed "new" bugs and "requests for enhancements").
> That ratio is extraordinarily high compared with any other bug trackers
> I've seen.
> In fact I'm wondering how a software project is able to survive with
> such a huge number of unfixed bugs.
> I'd be grateful for any reasonable explanation or background. Thanks.
> Regards
> Robert
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