[Mono-dev] Building and Running csharp-sqlite on Mono - Problems

Daniel Morgan monodanmorg at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 18 08:46:55 EDT 2010

I emailed the csharp-sqlite google group about this.

Has anyone else tried running csharp-sqlite on Mono or Moonlight?


The latest snapshot of csharp-sqlite works for me with Visual Studio 2008 / .Net Framework 3.5.

It also works with MonoDevelop 2.2 on Windows on .Net Framework 3.5.

However, I get compile errors building csharp-sqlite with MonoDevelop
2.0 on Mono 2.4.x on openSuse Linux.
The compile errors are with the ternary operator.  These are easy work-
arounds by changing the lines to an if/else statement.  However, when
I run it on Mono 2.4.x on Linux, I get a NotImplementedException with
some file safe handle property.  If I run it with Mono 2.6.x, I get a
different exception, something about a file is already locked.  I did
not try mono's svn trunk though.

Anyways, I need to get back to you on the exact compile error messages
and runtime exception messages and stacktrace.

Hopefully, between you and the Mono project, we can resolve this so
csharp-sqlite will run on Mono on Linux too.  And possibly Moonlight
as well. 


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