[Mono-dev] Patch for ilasm (ldc.i4 opt)

Thierry Lafage thierry.lafage at inria.fr
Wed Mar 17 13:22:14 EDT 2010

Hi all,

Here is a small patch for ilasm which makes it replace ldc.i4 with short 
forms when possible.
Note that I'm a C# and monodevelop newbie (but I tried to respect the 
coding guidelines).
I suggest to add the "-opt:ldc" because I would like to add the same 
kind of optimization for ldloc/stloc (use short forms when possible). 
For this latter one, the command line option could be "-opt:loc" (and we 
could add "-opt:all" to enable both at once).
I think the impact of such a patch is quite limited, but it's important 
for us (the gcc4cli team) since we rely on ilasm to assemble the CIL 
code produced by our compiler. And these "optimizations" tasks are 
better suited to the assembler than to the compiler itself.

Thierry Lafage.

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