[Mono-dev] Issues with System.Random

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Tue Mar 16 16:25:36 EDT 2010


> As already said I didn't test and can't comment but keep in mind that the
> Random class is used (real-world) under VERY specific situations and none of
> them are near random.

I am not sure about this.

I looked through the svn log for the commits to the Random class, and
I can not find any reverted patches to the Random class.

In fact, I found a commit that explicitly stated "Switch to Knuth
results instead of Microsoft ones".

Unless someone has some strong evidence and a regression report on the
Random class, I see no problem with replacing our Random
implementation with something better (provided the other issuelets
have been resolved).   But it seems to me that there is a very weak
case for regressions in the Random class.


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