[Mono-dev] mcs build changes for moonlight

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> Dear all,
> Originally, in the Mono build, the MonoTouch profile was based on the
> Moonlight profile (net_2_1), making it hard to differentiate when we
> were in a Moonlight or in a MonoTouch specific code path. It led to
> some patterns such as:
> #if NET_2_1 && !MONOTOUCH
> for Moonlight only code. Mix that with NET_4_0 defines and you get some
> annoying pre-processor directives.
> Now that MonoTouch is a profile of its own, I decided to renamed the
> net_2_1 profile to moonlight for explicitness's sake. I've attached
> patches for mcs, mono and moon to deal with the change. Note that they
> don't preserve the svn moves.
> The moonlight profile now defines MOONLIGHT, and it can be used in the
> BCL code to simplify pre-processor directives, which I'll address after
> this.
> If for some reason the Moonlight hackers are emotionally attached to
> the net_2_1 profile, or judge that the change is too broad for this
> matter, now that MonoTouch is a profile of its own, the net_2_1 build
> can simply define MOONLIGHT as well and we'll be able to simplify the
> directives too.
> So, what's it gonna be?

I'm all for it.


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