[Mono-dev] System.Threading.Monitor::Exit fails in latest trees

cpMon page.cal at gmail.com
Thu Mar 4 09:12:50 EST 2010

I never get a signal when System.Threading.Monitor::Exit gets called too many
times. Further, I traced it down into the mono 2.6.1 code tree, and
mono_monitor_exit is never called. The trampoline generates the code, but
it's never called. Can you provide a quick fix? It seems like a glaring bug.
Attached is the failing source test along with a mono trace.

Thank You,
Cal Page

using System;
using System.Threading;
public class HelloWorld
	public static Object myMonitor = new Object();
	public static bool ok = false;

	public static void monitorTest()
		Console.WriteLine("calling Enter");


		Console.WriteLine("calling Exit");


		try {

			Console.WriteLine("calling Exit #2");

		} catch ( Exception e ) {
			Console.WriteLine ("caught exception");
			ok = true;

	static public void Main ()
		Console.WriteLine ("Hello Mono World");


		if ( !ok ) Console.WriteLine("TEST FAILED");

Iinteral trace:

** Message: WSAStartup: high version 0x202
** Message: mono_arch_create_monitor_exit_trampoline_full: entry
** Message: mono_arch_create_monitor_enter_trampoline_full: entry
** Message: mono_monitor_enter: (-1218435344) Locking 0x5cff0
** Message: mono_monitor_try_enter_internal: (-1218435344) Trying to lock
object 0x5cff0 (-1 ms)
** Message: mon_new: allocating more monitors: 16
** Message: mono_monitor_enter: (-1218435344) Locking 0x6afc0
** Message: mono_monitor_try_enter_internal: (-1218435344) Trying to lock
object 0x6afc0 (-1 ms)
Hello Mono World
calling Enter
** Message: mono_monitor_enter: (-1218435344) Locking 0x5cff8
** Message: mono_monitor_try_enter_internal: (-1218435344) Trying to lock
object 0x5cff8 (-1 ms)
calling Exit
calling Exit #2
** Message: WSACleanup: cleaning up

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