[Mono-dev] Removing Obsolete Code from Mono 2.8

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Mon Mar 1 11:51:52 EST 2010


> > With the upcoming release of Mono 2.8 we are dropping the 1.0 profile
> > as developers moved a long time ago to the generics-based 2.0 profile
> > and because it is maintenance burden for us.
> Is there a date for this? Last I saw from Andrew was another spin on the
> 2.6 branch...

No dates yet;   2.6.x just contains bug fixes and a few upgrades to
libraries that were previously not stable enough.

2.8 has some major changes, like dropping 1.1 support, a new embedding
ABI, 4.0 support and a few other things.

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